galactic central information

a human


need a humanity !

where everyone experiences a way of life
fitting to a human

where the homo sapiens with their wisdom
with their brilliant  mind every day
shaping a better future

where everyone knows ... what he is doing
where everything ... helping everyone !

where everyone is healthy and at peace
with himself and his world

where the safety of everyone
being the first priority

where the climate every day
creating fewer disasters
less and less floods

through more and more reservoirs
energy is generated

where everything is sustainable
and every work to every ones benefit

where the fields every day
produce better food

where every evening
all reflect

and talk to each other

about better solutions for all
and problems solved

which is then shown to everyone
meanwhile everyone else
their solutions
are shown

those boring

have nothing in the program
no other quality
no other existence

just every person
bored to death

so I stagger
since my birth
from a boring woman
to the next boring

and nobody got me
can me bored to death
and I am still waiting
on a homo sapiens

at least until I
some kind of a boring

this boring economy
get pushed

but probably
I will not even
ever need an undertaker
since I do not even want to die
some where here

so i will
create a burial at sea
may be

..............the homo sapiens

galactic central information ...................   .......